Be the expert of your tech refresh checklist

Are you providing your employees with the right technology?  

Buying new technology isn’t easy with so many options and so many unique employee needs. It might take a bit of homework to narrow down what you’ll need, but you’ll see that it’s worth the time and effort after you do, for a number of reasons.

Use technology to attract and keep top talent

Getting the right technology in front of your employees isn’t just a matter of getting the work done. It’s a matter of attracting (and retaining) the right talent.

Millennials in particular (42%) are likely to quit a job with substandard technology. And the quality of workplace technology influences 82% of Millennials when deciding whether to take a new job. Furthermore, the majority of Millennials feel advanced technologies are important for more collaboration. This demographic is now the largest in our workforce, according to the Pew Research Center, so clearly, having the right tools is essential to attracting and retaining top talent.

When it comes down to it, putting the right devices in the right people’s hands can make magic happen, all while boosting productivity and protecting employee information.

Ensuring your devices are business ready

You’re probably asking yourself, “But where do I start?” Researching on your own can be overwhelming.
The first step is getting to know your team — really getting to know them.

This way you can head to IT with a clear picture of what your team needs to get the job done. Find out what programs each employee needs, whether they’re in the office or traveling, what kinds of devices they prefer — the fine details.

Check out this handy checklist provided by Dell and Intel® to figure out which devices your team needs.